Apple Watch Series 3 Replacement Parts Replacement Parts Series 4: Report

Apple Watch Series 3 Replacement Shortage Sees Repairs Substituted With Series 4: Report

Apple has announced to its retailers that they have lower stock for the older model to replace some Apple Watch Series 3 series 4 fixes worldwide.

The company announced a change in its internal note that was delivered to Apple Store service personnel and authorized iPhone service providers worldwide, 9To5Mac announced on Monday.

As of now, Apple has not provided any details on how long it would limit the Series 3 and upgrade the 4 Series last.

The new upgrade and upgrade for Apple Watch is the latest in several instances of the company that has replaced Apple Watch with new models.

The iPhone-maker released its Apple Watch series 3 with cellular connectivity built in 2017. The 38mm variant of the watch currently stands for Rs. 28,900, while the 42mm GPS variant is the price at Rs. 31,900 in India.

Apple Watch Series 4 was launched last October and is 40,000 Rs for 40mm and Rs. 43,900 for 44mm version.

"As usual, there is no guarantee that all places will recognize the existence of this internal policy, especially since there is no deadline, so your kilometers may vary," the report said.

In January, the company announced that some first-generation Apple Watches and Apple Watch Series 1 could qualify for the replacement of Series 2, due to restrictions on supplying replacement parts for older models.

Earlier this month, Apple confirmed that some Apple Watch Series 2 models will be repaired with equivalent Series 3 models due to a temporary lack of unspecified parts of Series 2, the report said.

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